E-CoShip Your software for crossborder e-commerce parcel delivery label.
Create/print/stick in country of origin (e.g. China) and ship to Europe
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What is E-CoShip A web application for generating parcel delivery labels by your own. Print & stick the labels on your cartons. Use the tracking function of E-CoShip. Print the POD directly via E-CoShip. Save your costs for the logistic handling in Europe.

As a partner of GLS (General Logistics Systems), connected to their IT-System, we transfer all data into our system immediately and offer you an one platform solution for an easy handling of your parcels sent to FBA or other B2B/B2C destinations in Europe.

Why E-CoShip

There are various reasons to use E-CoShip. Here is an short overview of the most important ones.

No expiration Date

Deliver your goods directly to the responsible GLS Hub and save the logistic costs in Europe for unloading, print & stick of labels and other logistic handling.

No expiration date

Our labels have NO expiration date and are even valid more than several months after date of creation.

Fast processing
Fast processing

Deliver your custom cleared labeled parcels directly from the harbor or airport to the GLS Hub and let them deliver within next days to Amazon or other destination.

Usable worldwide
Tracking and PoD

Track your parcels and print or download your PoD directly from our platform E-CoShip.

Easy handling
Usable worldwide

We prepare the setup and login data for your own usage wherever you are.

Tracking and PoD
Easy handling

Clearly structured Web-Application – no installation or other updates. Login and use!


Four easy steps and you can attach your ready to use label.

1. Login Login Mask
2. Enter your parcel data Formular for parcel
3. Generate the parcel labels Table of parcels
4. View and print the label UniShip-Label

Let us make an example calculation for your cost savings by using E-CoShip platform. Basis for the following calculation is a 40ft Container with 800 cartons/parcels which has to be delivered to several destinations.

1. Print

Save your cost for printing label in EU

i.e. 0,15€ – 0,25€ per label

2. Stick

Save your cost for sticking label in EU

i.e. 0,35€ – 0,45€ per label

3. Unloading

Save your cost for container unloading in EU

i.e. 250€ - 350€ per container

4. Loading

Save your cost for truck loading in EU

i.e. 150€ - 250€ per container


Total save of the logistic handling in EU

800€ – 1.160€ per Container

In addition you save the time and satisfy your customers with a fast handling and delivery of parcels to FBA and other destinations Europewide.